Monday, September 8, 2008

Military families in Tampa are always a pleasure to photograph

MacDill Air Force base is here in Tampa and so we have our share of military families. Bobbi and I have supported a veteran's organization for years and I also offer special rates to any family with a member serving overseas. I had the privilege of photographing one such family last weekend.

Jules and Heather are sisters. Jules married her high-school sweetheart, Marcus, who then joined the army. Marcus introduced his army buddy to Heather, and soon they were married. So now you have these two beautiful sisters, both married to servicemen stationed in Iraq. Unfortunatly, as is too often the case with a story like this, tragedy struck last April when Marcus was killed.

Photographing these two remarkable women (and Heather's two children, Elyse and Kayne, who were just wonderful the whole time) was a real treat. Despite living through events that would bring most of us to our knees, these two sisters have a love for life and each other that I can only hope to one day see in my own two daughters. They were funny and silly and smart and beautiful and you could just tell that this was a family filled with love.

I will be giving Heather some digital copies from the session to send to her husband in Iraq. I'm sure he realizes how lucky he is to have this to come home to.

Booray Perry is a family photographer in Tampa and St. Petersburg.