Friday, January 30, 2009

Snapshots of the legends of sports

It's Super Bowl Week here in Tampa and that means lots of events. This week I worked with a client of mine who was sponsoring a charity golf tournament and needed a photographer for publicity stills, etc. There were quite a few big names at the tournament, starting with Seth Joyner who is the host of the event. Ozzie Smith, Eric Dickerson and Brett Saberhagen were there as well along with many other NFL stars. But. the big surprise was Lawrence Taylor, considered by many to be the greatest defensive back ever to play the game and Evander Holyfield, former heavyweight champion of the world.

I managed to get some good shots despite the fact that they were either practicing on the driving range or being mobbed by fans the whole time. "LT" was particularly hard to shoot because he was running a little late and everyone wanted a piece of him (only Holyfield got more attention). I asked him for a shot as he was about to light his cigar and he just looked up and said, "Go."