Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Naneu Camera Bags

Wow! What a weekend!

I shot two weddings this weekend, one of which was stopped halfway through because of rain (we moved under a big porch). In addition to the pressure of photographing back-to-back weddings in Tampa and Valrico, I was also breaking in a new bag.

Yaniv Haramaty is the President/CEO of Naneu Pro in Orlando. His company makes a full line of bags for photographers. One of the unique things about their bags is they are actually two bags in one. There is an inner shell/bag that holds all your camera gear and an outer suitcase/backpack bag that holds the inner shell. It's a unique concept because it allows you to remove all your gear from the bag simply by removing the inner shell, leaving you with a fully functional backpack/suitcase for whatever you might need.

I met with Yaniv today after using his bag all weekend and I'm happy to say that it was a great experience. I was a little worried about working from a new bag but it wasn't a problem at all and I was able to move my equipment around much easier than with my old setup. I was surprised to discover that I could fit all my gear into the bag despite it being much smaller than my old case. It's much more convenient.

Meeting with Yaniv and Ed (Marketing Director) was a great experience too. You really get the sense with these two that they are trying to get it right for us photogs. It's tough to make a bag that fits the needs of every photographer because we are so varied in our specialties (weddings, nature, journalism). Yaniv asked me a lot of questions and really seemed interested in learning what I thought would make a good bag. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be able to buy the "Booray Perry Limited Edition" Wedding Photographer Bag! :)

I've got two weddings to post-process and I promise I'll have pictures online soon!

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