Friday, May 28, 2010

Booray's Flash Class is starting soon!!

This is the class that a lot of people have been asking for.  When I teach my beginning photography course, I always make it clear that owning a dedicated flash and knowing how to use it opens a whole other world of incredible images.  This class will teach you how to use your flash the way that the professional photographers do.

There will be three classes in the series.  I'm scheduling two different sets of classes because I have many students who can't make the Sunday class.  The class schedule is:

Sundays - 6/6, 6/13, 6/27 at 1:00pm

Mondays - 6/14, 6/21, 6/28 at 6:00pm

Cost is $50 per class ($150 for the series)  To register, contact me at or call me at (813) 728-7110

You must have a DSLR and a dedicated, hotshoe flash with a swivel head to take this class.

I will be teaching how to use flash properly inside and outside. All the tricks that I use when photographing weddings and events as well as my own family portraits.  The improvement you will see in your own photography after these classes will be incredible.  In addition to technique I'll also talk about equipment and tools that will make for better photography.  Bring a notebook because there's a lot to learn!

Space is limited so contact me right away to reserve your spot!