Monday, February 21, 2011

Best of 2010 - Part 8

Here we go with part 8 of the best of 2010! Let's start off with:

Best baby:

Just try to not smile when you look at this picture. I dare you.

Best Bridal Portrait:

Technically not a bride but a model for a bridal gown company. However, I had all of 10 minutes to take this shot so it was just like a busy wedding day as far as having to think fast and work quickly.

However, if you want to be picky about it, I would have to pick this as my favorite actual bride portrait. I know it's not full-length. I know she's standing in a hall and not a church. I know it's not in front of a beautiful sunset. But she just looks so happy and vibrant.

Best Garter Toss:

You would think it was a foul ball at The World Series...

Best Specialty Shot:

This category is for shots that require props or special clothes. This is my favorite and one of the most complimented images from the year.

However, this was a very close second...

Best First Kiss:

This couple got married in front of a huge white curtain. Not my first choice of backgrounds but it does make it possible to do something like this.

Best Shot of Booray with Bride:

I try to get someone to take my picture with every bride I photograph. I never know how the shot will turn out but this one came out great!
Well, that's it! I left out a lot of great pictures but this list was starting to feel like it would never end.!