Monday, July 21, 2008

Children's photography sometimes needs a little color

I thought I might start off this blog with an example of a Photoshop technique that is very popular with scrapbookers. There are many advantages to having a professional photographer take pictures of your children, and one of the biggest is Photoshop. My wife's considerable skills as a scrabooker have only been pushed to new heights with the help of her Photoshop obsessed husband. There are so many great effects you can apply after-the-fact and one of my wife's favorites is something I call "Colorblast."

Simply put, you adjust the saturation and contrast on a photo until the colors leap off the page. An annoying side effect of this process is that once you have done it, the original picture (that you thought looked fine) now looks like it was shot in a fog.
Below is a picture of Sam on the swing, before and after with colorblast ( I also did a few other things to the original image but I'll save that for another discussion..)