Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When is black and white not black and white?

One of the tricks that you see being used more often now with studio portraiture is "isolated color." I am a fan of this technique but only if the picture merits it. I've definitely seen some photographers go crazy with the idea and start using it on every shoot, which only serves to make it less special.

Yesterday I had a special request for isolated color on a newborn shoot. Unlike some photographers, I have no problem with special requests. If you've seen a picture that you like, tell me about it or (even better) bring me a copy and I will do my best to re-create it. You get two kinds of clients in this business: People who know exactly what they want and people who place themselves in your hands. I love them both!

As it turned out, our baby wasn't being very cooperative for the shoot. This is just part of the territory with a newborn shoot. I try to have at least an hour and a half of studio time free for newborns so that Mom doesn't feel rushed.
One of the reasons that I spent the extra money to set up a full studio is because of pictures like these. A lot of children's photographers shoot location only and that can be great with toddlers but the heat here in Hillsborough County and Pinellas County can make it hard to keep the little ones happy. With newborns you have to shoot in a studio (although I have brought lights to someone's house to shoot in a specific room that they really love).