Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tampa Wedding Photography at Renaissance International Hotel in Tampa

 Tampa wedding photographers busiest day?
This year's big wedding date was Oct. 10th.  Why October 10th?  Well, if you were married on Oct. 10th of this year than your wedding date was 10/10/10 and that's a cool wedding date to have!  I'll bet there wasn't a single wedding photographer in Tampa Bay that wasn't working on that day.  I personally had at least three couples meet with me about getting married on that day but the ones that got me were Jeff and Jessica.

I love a client who loves good wedding photography.
Not everyone is as concerned about their wedding photography as they should be.  Jeff and Jessica are the kind of clients that I love because they not only felt that their photography was the most important thing but they had ideas.  You might remember them from the engagement session that we did in the Ybor section of Tampa.  They showed up dressed up and ready to rock.  We got incredible images.  I even entered a couple of them into photography competition this year.