Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tampa Photography in Ybor

This week I was in Ybor City for a session with some old friends.

Jesse and Jen were married a couple of years ago and I was their wedding photographer.  They cam back to me this year because they wanted to update their pictures and get some wall art for their home.  I just love being able to catch up with past clients.  I don't think that people realize how invested you can become with clients when you are their wedding photographer.  You spend a lot of time with them before the wedding and then you are right there on this very special day, documenting everything.  It's always great to be able to keep in touch as the years pass.  Facebook is great for that but nothing beats the chance to photograph a couple years later.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.  Click on any one to launch the slideshow:

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Tampa Weddings Are Better With a Photo Booth

Today marked a "first" for our Tampa Photo Booth Rental:  We booked the photo booth for a wedding and I'm not the wedding photographer!

Originally, we designed the photo booth as an extra feature that we could offer to our wedding clients.  I had shot a wedding and the bride and groom wanted me to add pictures from their photo booth to their wedding album.  I was happy to do it but I wasn't very impressed with the images I received.  The background was all black, there wasn't much room for people to get in the pictures.  Turns out that the client wasn't very happy with the image either. 

So, I designed my own photo booth with better lighting, more room and an actual photographer taking the pictures.  Then I bought the best hi-speed printer on the market so I could print big 4x6 prints as fast as possible.

I didn't foresee just how popular the photo booth would become.  Not only is it being booked by most of my wedding and bar Mitzvah clients, but I've started getting bookings for parties and events that don't use an event photographer!

People love it and it's a hit at every event!  Plus, since it's something we created to add value to our business, we can charge less than the companies that our "photobooth only."

I just finished two wedding albums that devoted several pages to their photo booth images:

Click the images to enlarge...

To book a Tampa Photo Booth, call (813) 728-7110 or email

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Booray's Better Picture Class!!

Are You Still Taking Pictures on "AUTO?"

You need Booray's Better Pictures Class!

So many of my clients tell me that they have a nice, expensive camera (like the Canon Rebel) but they just don't understand how to use it. They want to take better pictures but the vast array of buttons and dials is so confusing!
Sign up for my class and when you're done you will be taking better pictures than you ever thought possible. I start at the beginning and teach you about composition and what makes a good picture, then move on to understanding your camera and making it work for you. Among the things you'll learn:

  • How to freeze motion when taking pictures at your child's sporting events.
  • How to take a portrait of someone where the background is all soft and blurry.
  • Good composition and how to take great pictures of your children.
  • How to take pictures in low-light
  • Your camera's "metering modes," what they mean, when to use them.
  • "Selective Focus" ... how to make the camera focus on what you want it to focus on..
  • ... and a whole lot more!

Owning a nice car doesn't do much good if you don't know how to drive it... the same applies to cameras. The most important thing you will learn from my class is how photography works. Once you understand that, you'll be confident any time you pick up a camera and that means great pictures!

This class makes a great gift for someone who received a nice camera over the holidays.

The course will take place on three Sundays. (1/29, 2/5, 2/12) Class is from 1:00-3:00 P.M. Cost is $50 per class. Space is limited.

Contact me today at to sign up. Or call me at (813) 728-7110. Visit my website at

Monday, January 2, 2012

Save $50 on Headshots in January!

Get a great start on the new year with a new, vibrant headshot for your website, business cards and social media!

January is Headshot Month so we're discounting headshot sesions by $50!

Your cost is just $100 an hour ( normally $150) for the session and we can photograph as many as 4 people per hour! Hand retouched, Hi-Res digital files are just $100 each and can be used for all your business and social media needs.

The best part is that we come to you! Just schedule a time and we will come to your office to do the session. No outside appointments or travel involved at all. It's quick and easy and (especially this month..) very affordable!

Example: Headshots for 4 people with each person getting a hand-retouched digital image of their choice would cost just $125 per person and you never have to leave your office!

If you need a lot of people photographed you'll save even more... 12 people would save $150 off our usual session price, etc..

Contact us today to schedule your session!

Call me at 813-728-7110

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