Friday, May 27, 2011

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

It's harder now to find the right wedding photographer than any time in the past.  The "digital revolution" has led to hundreds of new photographers.  Camera's are cheaper, there's no film or developing cost... it's never been easier to buy a camera and market yourself as a wedding photographer.

So, why do some photographers cost $500 and some cost $5000?

In this post, I'm going to let you in on some of the secrets behind modern wedding photography and how you can find the right photographer for your budget.

Let's start by looking at a broad number:  35%.  According to the Professional Photographers Association of America, that's the target profit margin for a wedding photographer.  The target.  Many make less.  So, for every $1000 that a photographer charges, figure he's probably taking home $200-$350 after expenses.  Of all the vendors you hire for your wedding, your photographer will have the greatest overhead.  I carry $10,000 worth of equipment to a wedding... equipment that gets broken and must be repaired or upgraded.  I have a website, marketing materials, studio management software, graphic design software, insurance, advertising, etc.  That's where 65%-75% of your money goes.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NEW! Gallery Blocks!

We have a brand new product at Booray Perry Photography and it is really something special!

Gallery Blocks are a new take on the classic gallery canvas look. Unlike a canvas wrap, where the canvas is stretched over a frame, your images are bonded to a solid-wood construction. This allows for lots of variety in design and a unique three-dimensional shape. It's also solid and heavy because it's solid wood!

The background image can be whatever you choose.  For the gallery block above I used a picture of the beach to compliment the beach portraits.