Monday, November 10, 2008

Land O' Lakes photographer gets the big head

I had something pretty cool happen today. If you're a photographer, you're always a little insecure because all art is subjective. Most of us are in the business because we want to create something with emotion or beauty or both... and so we frequently are trolling for a compliment... just a little validation from someone so that we know we aren't producing terrible work. It's especially nice when it comes from someone unexpected.

I had to call my lab today because I was having some trouble uploading an order (Surprise! My fault!). I mentioned that I was in Tampa and she asked me what my studio was called. I told her my name and she said, "Oh my God! I love you! Your work is awesome!"

Now, there is no way that the girl who answers the phones at my lab could possibly know who I am so I called her on it. "You're just blowin' smoke," I said, "You don't know who I am."

"Yes I do," she said, "I audit the print runs all the time and I love your designs."

"They tell you to say that to every photographer who calls, right?"

"No, I really do love your designs. You just recently had a coupon done with a little girl holding a present..."

It's funny, I get compliments all the time (well, maybe not all the time) about my work but it really made my day to hear that a girl who looks at prints all day long remembers mine. So, I'm writing this post about it and the next time I get a little down, I'll just come read this. :)