Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tampa Photography Studio and Online Proofing

There are a lot of photography studio's in Tampa Bay and a lot of photographers who work from home. In fact, probably the vast majority of photographers that you find on the Internet are home based, typically shooting weddings and Bar Mitzvah's and sometimes location portraits.

Most of these photographers do their proofing online. That is, they upload your pictures to a website and let you select them there. The problem that comes from online proofing is that not everyone's computer is color balanced the same so what you see online isn't always a true representation of what you will get in your prints. Also, if you're interested in framing or a wall collage you're pretty much left to your own devices.

This is why I always conduct a one-on-one viewing with my clients before I upload to my website. When you come in to see your pictures you will be shown some that are re-touched and learn about what that process entails and you'll see some sample wall collages that we've put together for you. In addition, you will be able to look through 160 collages, 100 frames and 100 different mat combinations, with your ideas projected at actual size so that you can see exactly what the piece will look like when it's finished.

Honestly, it would be much easier to just shoot the pictures, upload them to my website and wait for the orders to come in but I think that robs the client of my expertise in print selection, collages and framing. I think of it this way: When I need a new suit, I always go to a men's store instead of a department store. Not only is the selection better but, more importantly, the employee's at a men's store are more knowledgeable about men's clothes and as a result are better able to help me make good decisions about a suit.

Your photographer is the best person you know to help you decide how to display your prints.

Booray Perry is a photographer in Tampa Bay