Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tampa Portrait Photography

Being a portrait photographer, you notice every picture you see no matter where you are. I'm probably the only person (besides the subject) who actually takes a close look at the manager's pictures at Publix. I suppose if you own a nursery, you notice plants wherever you go but me, I notice pictures.

A business portrait is pretty straight-forward as pictures go. The lighting is never creative and typically follows a standard that's used by just about every photographer on the planet (that's why all the business portraits tend to look alike). Still, a good photographer should treat a business portrait with as much care and respect as any other... maybe even more. If I have a client come in for a boudoir session, it's a long process and requires a lot of post-shoot work. Those pictures may never be seen by anyone other than the husband. But a business portrait... well, that's fairly easy to do, but that portrait may hang on the office wall or go in the newsletter or on the website (or the wall at Publix) so in terms of exposure it may be the most seen type of photograph I take.

The bottom line: Treat every portrait session like it's a work of art.

Booray Perry is a portrait photographer in Tampa and St. Petersburg Clearwater