Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bat Mitzvah at Temple Beth-el in St. Petersburg

I had a chance to photograph a Bat Mitzvah at Temple Beth-el in St. Petersburg last week.  Everyone was just wonderful to me the entire time.  The Millers are a great family, two girls just like our family and both as cute as can be.  Rabbi Torop was especially nice while I was photographing the rehearsal.  I always try to make sure that the Rabbi knows how much I appreciate there patience when taking what is, for them, one of thousands of pictures that they have taken of them.

There were so many great shots from the temple and the party that night but I just want to post a few that are personal favorites:

This one is probably my favorite from the entire event.  The sanctuary at Temple Beth-el is just beautiful with a domed ceiling and wood throughout.  From the minute I walked in I was looking for any chance I could get to work that ceiling into the shot. 

It's rare that you come across a temple or church that has a great room for parties.  Normally the big meeting room is just a big square box but not at Temple Beth-el.  Because it has such a high ceiling it requires a little bit more work to get what you want but it's worth it!
Did I mention the place was packed?!


There were so many great images from the event.  I'm looking forward to designing the album!