Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tampa Photo Booth

Our unique take on the  Tampa photo booth called "The Vogue Booth" continues to grow and evolve.  We have always offered professional lighting and photography with beautiful 4x6 prints delivered in less than 30 seconds but now we are offering something new.

Mr. Mustache.

What's Mr. Mustache?  Well, I'm glad you asked!

We took our normal photo booth setup and streamlined it even further.  With the addition of a fashion photographer's light we can now remove the bigger portrait lights and take up less room at the event.  The whole thing fits into a space abot 5x7 feet but still has much more room to pose than a traditional booth.  The fashion light gives us those cool, Vogue shots with no shadow.  We can use this setup for any of the Vogue Booth setups (Mardi Gras, Portrait, Mr. Mustache..) but we designed it with Mr. Mustache in mind.

It was Bobbi's idea and it's a great one.  Everyone who has a photobooth does boa's and sunglasses so we want to offer something different.  The mustaches make for great pictures!  (Of course, we have the boa's and sunglasses too..)

We recently had a beach wedding with a really fun couple so we brought along the mustaches for fun!

As is the case with all our photo booths, we can custom design a border for the prints that is perfect for your event.

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