Monday, March 26, 2012

Tampa Photo Booth

Tampa's Fastest Photo Booth Strikes Again!

I'll be honest, we're pretty proud of "The Vogue Booth" photo booth at Booray Perry Photography.  We set out to create a fun photo booth that could still deliver quality prints and images so that the guests get a great print and the host gets great digital images for their album, etc.

We didn't anticipate that the photo booth would become so popular that we would start booking events where there was no "official photographer."  We created the booth to be something we could offer our weddings and Bar Mitzvah's.... but now we book it to parties and events all the time and the big test every year is the Father/Daughter Dance at McKitrick Elementary.
Last year we set a new record for the most prints delivered in the shortest time and this year we beat that record.  The dance lasts two-and-a-half hours and in that time we photographed over 1000 people and printed 457 prints!  (We would have done more but we had to change paper and ink at some point and that took about 5 minutes..)

As is usually the case, we get some Dad's who don't want to be silly for their picture, and that's fine with us.  We're happy to take your picture however you like.  But, it's the ones that get goofy that are the most fun.  :)

After everyone has gotten their picture we start to see the girls coming back with friends for more fun.  This year there were just as many Dad's coming back for more as there were Daughters!  Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

At the end of the night, the teenage girls who help run the dance always stop by for a picture too:

It's our third year at the dance and we hope there are many more!

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