Friday, August 1, 2008

My small-screen debut

I got a call this morning from my cousin to inform me that my pictures were on Good Morning America.

Last weekend we were invited to a birthday party for a 1-year-old little girl. The couple having the party are friends and neighbors of my cousin and we had met them once before when they came to my house for a graduation party. It was funny because when I went to put my camera bag in the car my wife said, "Are you sure they won't mind if you take pictures?"

"Bobbi," I replied, "it's the first birthday of their only child and they have invited someone who just happens to be a professional photographer. Believe me, they're hoping I bring my camera." (not that I was invited because I'm a photographer but hey, if you invite Eric Clapton to the house, it's nice if he brings his guitar.... not that I'm the Eric Clapton of photography but...okay, you get the point...)

The party was lovely and Sim did a wonderful job with decorations and treats for the kids. The next day I took them an 8 x 10 print of their daughter as well as a CD that contained all the pictures I took at the party.

Well, apparently Good Morning America has some sort of deal where they show pictures of 1-year-old birthday parties and they sent in some of the pictures that I took... and that's how my pictures ended up on good morning America.

Booray Perry is an event photographer in Tampa, St. Pete