Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tampa Children's Photographer: Have Chair, Will Travel.

Giselle brought her two boys for a portrait session this week. Giselle's husband, Luis, is serving in the military so she took advantage of my policy to photograph military families for free.

She brought the boys all dressed up in suits for a formal portrait. I'm not usually asked to do this kind of portrait, most people want more casual, "slice-of-life" stuff but I was up for the challenge. I even bought a new chair just for the occasion.

After we were done with the formal portrait, she changed the boys into casual clothes and I had some fun. Daniel, the 10-month-old was a dream and we were done with him in no time. Joseph, on the other hand just wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken so I suggested we go outside and let him play a while. Once he started having a good time it was easy to get some great shots!

Booray Perry is a children's photographer in Tampa