Sunday, March 29, 2009

Senior Portraits Tampa Bay

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Kaitlin called me in a panic last week because she had somehow managed to miss both picture days at school. I was able to do a rush session for her that turned out great despite having very little time..

We rushed to the nearest railroad tracks and shot for 30 minutes. You can never go wrong with girls + railroad tracks. This is my favorite picture from the shoot. Kaitlin is 15 years old and looks older in this shot. It's like seeing the future.

This shot is a good example of why so many photographers don't have studio space anymore. With the right equipment and skill you can get great lighting and composition on location with the added benefit of using a real tree instead of a prop.

This is called the "Lomo" effect. The Lomo camera is an old Russion-made camera that became famous for the way it would saturate and vignette images. Now, photographers can duplicate that look in Photoshop.

This is a "senior card" that I custom designed for Kaitlin.