Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tampa Wedding Photography

Brad and Cindy were married on Saturday and I had the privilege of being their photographer. More Tampa wedding photography pictures can be seen on my website but here are a few of my favorites from the day.

The reception was held in an office building which made for a tough time finding a good location to shoot some couple's pictures. I recently had a client tell me that a photographer had told her that she wouldn't get good pictures because of the time of day she had scheduled her wedding. That's ridiculous. A good photographer finds a way. Lucky for me there was a brick wall right by the entrance. All wedding photography can benefit from a good brick wall. :)

I loved this picture the minute I saw it but for some reason it just screamed "old." Maybe it's because I like those magazine ads that feature pictures from the 70's. This picture just looked to me like something you would see in the album of a couple married for 20 years. So, I aged it a little in Photoshop.

When Cindy told me how big her wedding party would be I decided to break out the big lights. The trend currently is to take casual formal pictures (and I do..) but there is still something to be said for the old-fashioned, full group shot. With a group this big you really need a couple of large studio lights to get a good, even light across the entire frame.

I was setting up to shoot Cindy in front of these doors when a bridesmaid said, "Let's put Brad on the other side!" Great idea!

Here's the shot I was setting up when I took the one above. The scenery outside the doors wasn't the best so I frosted the glass in Photoshop.

Another reminder that I need to keep a sewing kit in my camera bag. They had to send down to the front desk for a needle and thread when one of the loops broke on Cindy's dress.