Friday, June 12, 2009

How to make your photographer happy

This post should really be called, "How to make ME happy," since I can't presume to speak for all photographers.

Yesterday I had two client meetings. One was with a bride who has already booked me for her wedding and the other was with a potential client for dance recital pictures. Both of these meetings made me happy because in both cases I was talking to someone who "gets it."

My bride said, "I told my fiancee' that he could pick out everything he wanted for the wedding as long as I could pick out two things: The Dress and The Photographer." I can't tell you how great it is when I am working with someone who has a passion about the pictures that matchs my own. I'm fortunate that I still get excited with every job but when I'm working with someone who is equally excited and involved in the process I'm practically giddy.

The meeting with the potential client went well (I hope!). One of the things that no one mentions about being a photographer is that it's almost like going on job interviews every week. Unlike a business where you just deliver a quote and wait and see, photography is more personal and subjective. You never know what will be the deciding factor when someone is picking their photographer. Your images play a big role but so does your pricing, personality, client relations, customer service, etc. Yesterday's meeting made me happy not because I think I'll get the job (I have no idea) but because of something that the client said about my blog. She said that she saw my pictures and decided to contact me after reading my post about wedding albums. "I liked your philosophy," she said.
I never know if anyone is reading what I write and I have no idea if the like what they read so it was great to hear that someone had read that post and got from it a sense of what I am "about." One of the reasons I write this blog is so that people can get a sense of who I am. It made me happy to see that at least one person did.

Now, because I can't resist posting pictures, here are a few family pictures from a recent shoot. Enjoy!

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