Friday, February 19, 2010

Canon 10-22mm lens has arrived!

Well, I finally got my new lens today and not a moment too soon. I have an engagement shoot tomorrow and I was really hoping I would have my new lens in time for the shoot because I'm really eager to try it out. Anytime you get a new lens you can, of course, start using it right away but for me, there's just something different about actually working with the lens. I know that may seem odd but it's just the way I am.

The new lens in question is a 10 to 22 mm Canon lens. Until the arrival of this lens the widest I could shoot was 18 mm. An extra 8 mm of width may not seem like a lot but believe me it makes a huge difference in your pictures. I probably shoot 90% of my pictures with an 18 to 55 mm f 2.8 lens. Now, this lens is not an f 2.8 lens. The only way you can get a 10 mm at 2.8 lens is to buy a prime lens. This particular lens is at 3.5 to 4.5. I used to shoot quite often with a 28 mm to 75 mm f 2.8 lens. I'm curious to see how the addition of this new lens is going to affect my overall lens selection.

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