Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The most annoying thing on television

There's a lot to be annoyed by on television and I'm not talking about plots and reality shows.  I'm talking about all the little things that happen (or don't) only on TV.

Like the way no one ever says "goodbye" before hanging up the phone.  You probably never noticed it before but pay attention when people on TV are on the phone.  They'll just say, "Okay, thanks.." and hang up.

Also, people who live in New York have apartments that are way too big and always find a place to park right in front of the building that they are going to. 

Still, these are minor things compared to the one thing that drives me nuts every time I see it, or actually, hear it, and it's this:

Guns do not make a noise every time you point them at someone.

Every time someone points a gun at someone on TV you hear that "cha-chic" sound.  It's the sound a gun makes when you work the slide and chamber a round and it takes two hands to do it.  Furthermore, the sound implies that the person with the gun didn't bother to make it ready to fire until the last second.  But then, if you have a magic gun that cocks itself, I guess you can wait until the last second.

Shotguns are the worst.  Sometimes they'll point the shotgun at someone and then, to emphasize their point, rack a round into the chamber.  That means that they were pointing an unloaded shotgun.

Tonight on "Lost" there was a scene where everyone was drawing down and swinging the guns around with "cha-chic" sounds going off like crazy.  Then, 30 seconds later when they were about to storm the submarine, everyone cocked their guns again.  So, I guess after the first "magic cocking"  (another great name for a band, btw) they all ejected the clip, ejected the round, placed the round back in the clip and re-inserted the clip.  I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure that when you are fighting for your life against and crazed billionaire and a smoke monster that's in the body of a dead guy who used to be in a wheelchair because his father pushed him out a window after conning him out of a kidney..... you cock the gun the minute you get your hands on it and keep it that way.  But that's just me.

Guns don't make noise when you point them.