Thursday, August 11, 2011

Living with the hams...

Last night I was training a new intern on how to set-up the Vogue Booth ( ).  Naturally, it works better if you have someone to photograph so I grabbed my girls (like I always do) and made them stand for us. 

They proceeded to put on hats and glasses, etc, and have a good time when Mackie suddenly ran to her room.

When she returned, she grabbed two props from the table and jumped in front of the camera for a quick shot:

I crack up everytime I see this picture.  I understand going and getting the doll from her room but actually going to the trouble of getting a moustache for the doll?  Pure comic genius!

Sam (who's older) is an old master at posing for the booth and has no problem hamming-it-up for the camera:

I love my girls!