Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Photography Tampa - Selective Color

One of the things that you see quite a bit of on wedding photography websites is selective color. Selective color pictures are the ones where the image is black and white but something in the image is in color (typically it's the flowers). It's a style decision that each photographer makes (along with a million others) as to if and when a photograph should be modified that way. Personally, I stopped thinking about it years ago because I never seemed to come across an image that I felt would be better with selective color. If a client requests it I'll do it but I can't recall the last time I did it by choice.

Then, last week I was working on a recent wedding that had a picture that seemed perfect for selective color. The reason it was a perfect choice was because it already looked like selective color! The picture below hasn't been modified at all... it just so happens that the tie is green and everything else is black or white. More Tampa wedding photography available on my website...