Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding at Shephard's, Clearwater Beach

I recently photographed a wedding at Shephard's in Clearwater and it was a blast!  I have since discovered that I am the only person in Tampa Bay who hasn't been to Shephard's at some point.  It's an institution in this town!

Michael and Christa were merging family from Boston and New York  From the minute I showed up I knew that it was going to be a fun day.  "Bahstun" and "New Yoik" accents everywhere and lots of energy and joking were the theme for the day!

Here's a few of my favorite shots:

Everyone knows that I am a huge softie when it comes to kids.  I have two young daughters and so I have a lot of experience photographing children.  I was lucky to catch the flower girl as she peeked in on the bride getting ready.

The table center-pieces were tall glasses filled with decorative glass.  Very unique.

Shephard's is a beach resort so there isn't much to work with inside as far as portraits go... they don't need it when they have the beach and the sunset available!  Still, you can't take the bride out to the beach before the wedding (nor would you want to because it's hot!).  I shot this in the hallway outside her room and I think it turned out great.  Great leading lines and Christa looks incredible!

Beach weddings can be tricky, especially in the middle of the day when the sun is so bright.  I knew that it would be impossible to preserve the background without using a ton of flash, which would look unnatural.  So, I went the other way and blew out the background for a more pure effect. 

Shepherd's only has a little bit of beach to work with and there was another wedding right after mine.  When the sun started to set, me and the other photographer were working around each other for the sunset pictures.  I wish I had gotten his card because he was very considerate of my sight lines.  All these images were taken with off-camera lighting.

This is a great example of how you sometimes take one picture and end up with another.  This is actually a pretty extreme crop of a much larger picture that shows the entire floor.  When I saw it I immediately noticed the hands and the garter in mid-air and decided that was the best part.

Boston vs. New York.  What a great Groom's Cake!

One of the few times I was able to get the couple away from the crowd for a few minutes...