Monday, January 17, 2011

Best of 2010 - Part 1

By original intention was to do a "Top 10" for 2010 but I soon realized that it would be imposable to do.  Since I take on such a large variety of gigs from weddings to Bar Mitzvah's and beyond, it's not really realistic to make those images compete against each other.  I mean, a really great picture of shoes is a really great picture but it can't compete agains a baby or a bride.  Still, it deserved recognition.  I may spend most of my time as a wedding photographer but that doesn't mean that's all I do.

So, instead of a "Top 10," I've decided to simply pick the best images by category.  Some of the categories will be serious, some not so much.  :)

So, without further adieu, here's the first category:

Best Bar/Bat Mitzvah Temple picture

This image was taken at Temple Beth-El in St. Petersburg FL.  It's a beautiful temple and it's the only one I have ever worked in where I felt there was room to take a shot like this with the subjects sitting on the steps.

Best Dance Picture

I love everything about this image.  The pose is perfect and the background light was reflecting off the white vinyl just enough to give me a little kicker light on the model's face.

Best Special Assignment Picture

A "special assignment" is something outside of the norm.  Like when I get asked to shoot a company or in the case of this photograph, a school play.

This image is from Carrollwood Day School's production of "Beauty and the Beast."  I actually shot this from the back of the stage so that I could get the dark background of the hall.  This isolated the actors better.
I'll post "part 2" soon and we'll start looking at wedding images.  Stay tuned!