Friday, January 28, 2011

Best of 2010 - Part 3

Best Bride and Groom:

Wow.... tough category. I really have a hard time picking a favorite. So many pictires fall into this category and I personally think it is where I do my best work. I narrowed it down to three images but trying to elevate one above the others is impossible, so.... it's a three-way tie.

Best "First Dance"

This shot stands out for me because of the lighting. The off-camera light is perfect and illuminates the brides face and dress just right. It's easy to "blow out" the dress when you are a wedding photographer so that the folds and flow of the dress can't be seen. Getting a great, candid shot while preserving all the detail in the dress is a big thrill. (You're probably thinking, "Wow, you thrill easily. :)

Best Wedding Dress Picture

The last wedding of the year produced some incredible images. I shot this on Dec. 31st. :)