Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beach photography gets grainy

We really have terrible beaches in Tampa Bay. Compared to people in Utah we have great beaches... AWESOME beaches... but compared to a lot of other beaches in the world, not so much. That's why beach photographers in St. Peterburg and Clearwater have to work a little harder.

The problem is the sand. We tend to have this gritty, parking lot, uncomfortable to walk on... stuff at our beaches. Still, we're lucky to have a beach at all so I guess I should shut-up about it.

The thing is, it's not all bad because it lends itself to great black and white photography. It's all about texture and grain... the more you have, the better things look in black and white. With a perfect, smooth beach you just get a huge washed out blob but with the asphalt that we have here, well... it's heaven.

Of course there are other problems too, like the buildings and the people who simply refuse to stay away from the beach on the days that I am shooting there (doh!). That's okay, a little Photoshop magic and everything looks good. Notice that little black square sitting on the sand in the upper left of the shot? That almost looks like a camera bag....... but it's not....... because only an idiot photographer would leave his bag where it could spoil the shot. :)