Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tampa Wedding Photography at Sacred Heart Church

I just deleted a pretty long post I was writing about my wedding last weekend at Sacred Heart Church in Tampa.  I realized that I was trying to squeeze all my favorite pictures from the wedding into the post and it was just getting overloaded.  If you want to see all my favorites from the wedding you can always follow me on Facebook because I like to post a bunch of favorites there for my clients and friends to share. Or, jump to my website and see the entire wedding in the "online ordering" section

I think what I would rather do with my blog is to talk about a few select images and the techniques I used to shoot them.  I find it hard to write long, flowery posts about the images I shoot at a wedding because I always feel that the images do a better job of telling the story than my mediocre narrative.  So, to see the whole wedding, go to my website, click "online ordering" and look for Adam and Marisol in the "Weddings and Events" section.

This image was taken outside the church right before my couple bolted for the limousine.  I was working pretty fast so I didn't have time for a tripod and I had to shoot at 1/30 and iso 1600.  (This was shot at night, it wasn't knocked down in the camera.)  The backlight is a Canon 580EX with a radio trigger being held by my assistant who is crouched down as small as she can get!

I've got a lot of images to talk about from this wedding but I wanted to start with this one because it's unique.  You can't do it without a big cathedral!

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