Friday, August 6, 2010

Tampa Bay Senior Portraits

It's that time again!

School's about to start and it's time for Senior Pictures.  Not only is it time for the Seniors to get their sessions booked, it's also time for the Juniors to sign on and become Senior Models for Booray Perry Photography. (Click here for more details)

The Senior Model Program is open to incoming Juniors, male and female.  We accept applicants from all schools.  If you are accepted into the program you receive a free session and 100 "411" cards with your pictures and our studio info.  Then all you have to do is pass them out to your friends!  Every card that comes back with a session earns you $50 credit toward your own senior pictures and products.

The sooner you sign up the better your chances of being selected since we limit the number of models per school.